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Two Famous Northern Ruggles from Hollywood

Wesley Ruggles
Charles Sherman Ruggles

The Ruggles family who came to America first came in at what is or was Roxbury, Massachusetts. Two brothers: Thomas Ruggles & his wife Margaret Dandridge, with their 4 kids (Thomas, John, Samuel and Sarah) as well as John Ruggles with his wife and son - John.

Thomas Ruggles & Margaret Dandridge is our line.
Of the four kids: (Thomas, John, Samuel and Sarah), we come from son Thomas Ruggles & his wife Mary Curtis. The Comic Actor Charles Sherman Ruggles and his Actor - Director brother Wesley Ruggles come from the son John. We are distant cousins.
1. Rogyll Ruggles
2. William Ruggles 
3. Thomas Ruggles 
4. Nicholas Ruggles 
5. Thomas Ruggles (Sr.) & Margaret Dandridge
     I                                            I
6. Thomas Ruggles (Jr.) / Mary Curtis     6. John Ruggles / Barbara Bridge

6. John Ruggles ,b. ca 1591, m. Barbara Bridge, 1633, m. Margaret Hammond 1638., d. 6 Oct. 1663/4
     7.  John Ruggles, b. ca 1632 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England, m. Mary GIBSON, 3 Apr. 1655, m. Sarah DYER, 15
  March in Roxbury, Boston, Mass, d. 25 Feb. 1712 in Suffield, Hartford, Conn.
           8. Benjamin Ruggles Rev, b. 11 Aug. 1676 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA, m. Mercy WOODBRIDGE, 19 Nov. 1696 in Wethersfield, Suffield, CT, d. 7 Sept. 1708 in Suffield, Hartford, CT

9. Mercy Benjamin Capt. Joseph (Sr.) (had 16 Kids)
Sarah   Benjamin   Lois   Joseph   Mary (Molly)   Lazarus   Rachel   Mercy   
Mabel   Timothy    Ashbel   Lucy  Anna   Elizabeth  Mary  Samuel 

10. Samuel Ruggles Sr. b. 18 Sept. 1750, d. 17 Mar. 1795, m. in Fairfield, CT on 10 June 1779 to Huldah Wakelee, b. 3 June 1758, d. 19 Nov. 1807, Huldah's parents were David Wakelee and Penelope Lacy. 
       11. Eldad Ruggles 1785-1874 m. Olive Sherman
               12. Sherman Booth Ruggles 1810-1879 / Sarah Burr Oakley
                       13. Charles Sherman Ruggles 1834-1880 / m. Emma Wills
                               14. Charles Sherman Ruggles 1858-1932 / m. Maria Theresa HEINSCH
                                     15. a.) Charles Heinsch Ruggles also known as Charles Sherman "Charlie" Ruggles - the Actor
                                     15. b.) Wesley Heinsch Ruggles - Silent Actor & Producer

Doug, my husband has been searching for some of the movies and TV shows Charles was in and came across a television series called The Ruggles. At the link is a list of the Ruggles shows and other information. If you scroll down to the Classic TV: Ruggles - Christmas episode, you can actually watch it! ENJOY!!!

Who Are The Northern Ruggles

The Northern Ruggles

Who are the Northern Ruggles? They are a family of Immigrants who played a major role in helping to create and establish the New World and America as a country along with other well-to-do families who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean seeking a new life.

This is the Ruggles Family that immigrated to America and established the Northern Ruggles Line.

Thomas Ruggles (SR.) b. 1558 /60 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England – d. 1647 / m. Margaret Dandridge (b. 1562 in England)  – THESE ARE THE IMMIGRANTS: came about 1635.

...   And Sons   ...

  • Sen. John Ruggles of Roxbury, MA in 1635 (b. 1591 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England – Oct. 6, 1663 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA) / m. 1663 in England to Wife #1 Barbra Bridge (b. 1605 – d. Nov 1636 – IMMIGRANTS TO AMERICA /m. 1638 to Wife #2 Margaret Hammond (Maid Servant b. in England – d. 6 Dec 1674 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA)

  • Thomas Ruggles (JR.) of Nazing, Esex, England & Roxbury, MA in 1637 b. 1584 – d. as recorded in the church record - 15 Sept 1644 will dated 9 Nov 1644 a godly brother of the Church died of consumption /m. on 1 Nov 1620 in Nazing, Essex, England to Mary Curtis (b. 1558 in Nazing, Essex, England  –  d. 14 Feb 1674 in Roxbury, Suffolk, England (Parents are Thomas Curtis and Mary Camp / Had a brother named William who married Sarah Eliot (sister of Philip & Rev. John Eliot) – IMMIGRANTS TO AMERICA in 1637 / This Thomas Ruggles and a John Grave were the first Christians that came from the town in England to die. Mary remarried to “Goodman” Route and lived 30 years after Thomas’ death. (In His Will: “All the rest of my land and house I give to my wife during the time of her natural life, an after her death, the land and house to be divided, my son John to enter upon one half and Samuel and Sarah the other.” The household articles to be divided equally among the three. This will was witnessed by Philip Eliot and John Ruggles, the brother of Thomas.)